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Shrewsbury’s Market Hall has become a haven for a growing colony of artists and handcrafters who have turned a large part of the market’s upper floor into a creative quarter. 


Head up to the gallery level and you’ll find artists and designer-makers at work, as well as giant murals by the Shrewsbury-based international artist Matt Sewell.


Matt’s urban mural, overlooking the gallery, was painted to celebrate the story of a rare American black-crowned heron that mysteriously set home in the town’s Quarry Park Dingle for several months in 2017.


Matt has also created a striking giant mural in the market wine bar Petitglou, depicting a biodynamic vineyard in moonlight.


Artists and handcrafters to be found working in their studios, on the gallery level, include Rosie Read, Karen Duffy, Brigitta Shuker, at Studio Yi, and Alison Staples, of Romy Design.


The work of mixed media artist Rosie Read focuses on shape and texture with inspiration coming from architecture, natural forms and a vast collection of objects and fragments that have captured her imagination over the years. 


Karen Duffy’s work is inspired by her years living in France and beside the British coast, specialising in seascapes and an Impressionist style of painting.


Brigitta Shuker is a multi talented handcrafter and textile artist who can be seen busily creating at Studio Yi, from stained glass to textiles. She also runs courses and workshops.


Everything that designer-maker Alison Staples sells in her studio shop, Romy Design, is designed and made by her. Products range from glass planters and jewellery to framed prints. 


Her collection of digitally-designed travel prints have become hugely popular. They depict iconic landcsapes, buildings and bridges in Shropshire, Mid Wales and around the world. Many have been individually commissioned.



Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 10am – 4pm

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