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Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery sits proudly in the town square and is the county’s flagship museum and art gallery visited by over 70,000 people each year.

Visitors can explore millions of years of history through over one thousand remarkable objects in a complex of extraordinary and beautiful buildings.

9th July - 31st August

Exhibition of local artists' work submitted under "Be Inspired".

July and August - Angela Gladwell - "Lost and Found" located on the balcony.

This year's theme for the Shrewsbury Arts Trail is “Be Inspired”.

What we have been able to do in the curation and selection process is to hand-select artwork that has inspired many people worldwide over a number of years. From the images of Turner in the 18th century to contemporary works by Jeff Koons and Halima Cassell MBE.

To be ‘inspired’ means, "extraordinary quality as if arising from some external creative impulse.” In our opinion, sometimes, inspiration can come instantly when viewing something, although, there are times when you might need to work that little harder. You might need to educate yourself on a subject or the medium or technique. What we would like for people to do is stand in the special exhibition room and really look. Look at something that, at first, might not have first grabbed them, open your mind, and ask questions about the work.

We live in a world where everything is instant why not take some time and learn something new, read the information label and maybe even go home and do a little research or even watch a documentary on the artist. Enjoy the process of being inspired by something a little different!

There is an eclectic mix of mediums and techniques in the exhibition, from oil on canvas to casting, lithography, ceramics, and even plastic. Some of these might be to your taste and some might push the boundaries of what you may consider to be art but be open-minded and delve under the surface of the first impression.  The list of artists to see are as follows:

David Hockney, Damian Hirst, Andy Warhol, LS Lowry, George Morton Clark, Andrew Logan, Banksy, Mark Payne, Antony Gormley, KAWS, Aubrey Skaling,

J M W Turner, JPR Stitch, and more.

We would also love to encourage artists to come, view, and draw what inspires them. Share their drawings by tagging the Shrewsbury Arts Trail and SMAG on social media.

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