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Chandler’s work focuses on the most dramatic, a transition, the tipping point, be it physical or mental. Chandler strives for perfection in the forms he creates. This is his way of processing his own debilitating chronic illness. The poses captured are held for fractions of seconds, this tension is more often felt than seen. Not only are these moments of power transitory but the career spans of these elite athletes are also fleeting, the human condition trends in one direction, to eventual demise. In his initial body of work the pieces are all prefixed with "Poise and", when spoken, this sounds like poisoned adding to the rhetoric that health is fleeting.

Chandler’s unique style has led to recognition in the art world. Since 2018 Chandler has focused mainly on large public works of art, these pieces can now be seen in towns and cities across the UK.


‘Poise and Tension III’ - 2015 – Corten

The refined sleek form of Poise and Tension defines Chandler's portfolio. The contrast between broad flat plates and knifelike spine keeps the viewer guessing, encouraging them to move around and explore all facets of the work. 

IMGP4563 Poise and Tension III 6x4.JPG

‘Exploration of Flat Land’ 

Here Chandler explores a more minimalist style. The further reduction and refinement take his work closer to abstraction while remaining distinctly part of the same collection. Short runs of smaller “prototypes” in this body of work explore the interplay between different and often contrasting metals.

Sculpture Locations

Surrealist Piano – Shrewsbury Castle grounds

Homage to Terpsichore and The Dalinian Dancer – Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

Poise and Tension III and Exploration of Flat Land– The Dingle Garden, Quarry Park

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