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The Gateway Gallery is a newly relaunched art gallery in the heart of Shrewsbury. It is a dedicated space for contemporary art shows that is open throughout the year. Located on the river, with an independent cafe housed within the same complex, it’s a must-visit gallery with a calendar of exciting shows selling work from local artists as well as some from further afield.

What’s on During July & August

Throughout July & August the Gateway Gallery will host an exhibition of ‘Kinesis’, showing the artwork of George Sfougaras and the ceramics of Stefan Chabluk. 

George Sfougaras makes work that exists at the intersection of art, history, politics and culture. His topics are drawn from personal experiences, family histories and contemporary events. George creates work which he hopes engages others at an emotional level, which encourages dialogue, healing and reconciliation, within the self and the world beyond. 

Stefan likes his finished ceramics to reflect the materials used – “to still look like they are made from mud”. These plain forms are best suited to showing off the different and layered glazes he uses. Like the forming process, the glazes are applied rapidly and are poured or splashed onto the clay surfaces. Movement is constant in the process - shaping and glazing quickly to retain a dynamic sense of the vitality of the materials.

Opening Times

Monday -Friday 9.00 am – 4.30 pm

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